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Beating Starlancer
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Mission 24 Destroying Coalition Forward Outpost

Mission Requirements

Destroy coalition outpost
Prevent Admiral Kulov from escaping
Save Klaus Steiner from being plastered by Ivan Petrov


Outpost has an ion cannon that periodically attempts to dispatch you in a most unpleasant manner
Hordes of Coalition fighters, including pesky Basilisks which distract you from your main task
Outpost has many laser turrets requiring your attention before the mission can proceed
Waves upon waves of fighters attempting to destroy the Alliance Rippers carrying an explosive payload to crack open the outpost's tough outer shell
Your squadron mates are of no help


Beating this mission is a simple affair if the right equipment is chosen.

Start with the Shroud

I know this is a light fighter but its ability to cloak is a MAJOR bonus when preventing a roasting by the ion cannon. Also helps dispatch the Basilisks in quick fashion.


At least two pods of Solomon missiles

1 Hawk missile pod if you want to make your presence felt from long range

1 pod of Raptors - energy seeking to destroy the station's power core

Flying style

Use the afterburner judiciously as this is a long mission and you'll need some in reserve towards the later stages. Given the special abilities of the Shroud, it'll be easy to escape the unwanted attention of missile locks without resorting to excessive fuel consumption.

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